Creating Agenda

Tasks > Project Minutes > Create Project Minutes

Meeting Details

  1. Select meeting date & next meeting date

  2. Type location of meeting

  3. Select Attendees from list by clicking blue text

  4. Import document as PDF if you only wish to file minutes created outside of Paskr

  5. Type names of other attendees if not in list

  6. Type Schedule status if desired.

  7. Save

Open Issues

  1. Type issue

  2. Assign task to accountable team member using the drop down list

  3. Continue for all agenda items saving after each entry.

Pending RFPs

  1. Paskr automatically populates this list.

  2. Paskr moves RFPs to Closed items if accepted into a change order.

If you want to eliminate a pending RFP from the minutes entirely, you must post the minutes, delete the posted minutes and recreate them.

Cost Issues

  1. Add items to discuss pertaining to cost.

  2. Save following each entry.

  3. Click Close

DO NOT POST AT THIS TIME (this would change the Agenda to the Minutes and Finalize. You will want this to remain open until you have recorded the Meeting.

Print Agenda by checking the box and selecting Print Project Minutes

Send Agenda by checking the box and selecting Email Project Minutes