Prepare/Send Agenda

Add Issue

  • Issue Title

  • Assignment - Type and select the name of the party responsible for this Issue. It can also be identified as a General Note or Unassigned

  • Due Date

  • Status - Open or Closed

  • Description Text Box

  • Click Add Issue

  • Use Trash Can Icon to Delete

Pull Open Issues

Click Issues ellipses and select Pull Open Issues. This will pull any issues that remained open on the previous Meeting. Closed issues will not be pulled forward. To avoid duplication of Issues, it will only pull from the previous meeting of this Meeting Type.

Add Attendees

  • Start to type name in Search box, suggestions that match will appear.

  • Click the + sign to add users to the Meeting

  • Select Attendance from toggle: Absent, Present or Conference

  • Delete - Use Trash can icon to remove an attendee

Add Attachment and Reports

To add Attachments - Drag and Drop files or Click to Browse

To Add Reports - Click report ellipses to select from the list of available reports

Reports List will open from Ellipses

Send Agenda

Agenda can be Sent either by clicking the Gear inside the Meeting>Click Send or click the X to return to the Meeting list Screen.

From Meeting Screen, click the Meeting ellipse and Select Send to Attendees

Tutorial Video on Creating/Sending Meeting Agenda

Add Meeting to your preferred Calendar by downloading the ICS file to from the Menu