Submittal List Screen

The Submittal list screen has some new features designed to get you the information you need quickly. Here is a Summary of how to use them

  1. Select from the Status List on the left hand side to view just one category at a time or All Submittals at once

  2. The Awaiting Column in center screen shows whose 'court' the submittal is currently in without having to open the submittal itself. It is is waiting for the party listed here to take the next action.

  3. The Status column on the right hand side give you a color coded explanation of where each submittal is. See the Status Key below:


Submittal Packages

The bold number and names on the list are the Submittal Packages. These can be added or removed with the large +/- PACKAGES button on left. Numerous submittals can be in one Package. The entire package will show the term Pending in the Status column until ALL submittals in a package have been Approved.

Use the Ellipses on the right side of page to open the Package and Submittal Menus for more actions.