Create Punch List

Enter Items by Room

  1. Tasks > Punchlist

    1. Enter Due date of item

    2. Type in Location (Room number)

    3. Select Subcontractor from drop down list

    4. Type or paste item description in the box on the right.

    5. Save

    6. Repeat steps i – v until all items are entered

    7. To add photos to an item

      1. Click the photo icon (icon will be enlarged if there are photos to view)

      2. Edit album description if desired

      3. Create > + > select photos from hard drive > rename if desired

    8. To add notes

      1. Click the note icon (icon will be enlarged if there are notes previously entered)

      2. Type note in text box > Save

      3. Hover 'Options' to close (tag the item as complete), delete or send an email about the item.

Assign Responsible Subcontractor to Items Submitted by the

Architect or Engineer

Items submitted by external team members will say 'Select contractor' in red in the 'Assigned To' field. Hover over the red text and select subcontractor.