Release Notes – Web

December 23, 2020


NEW Job Cost Statement with Optional Push/Pull between PASKR and QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

This report is designed to work with PASKR data or to integrate with accounting software to keep revenue and costs in lock step between Project management and Accounting department.

Please see the following for more information.

What is shown on the Job Cost Statement?

How does the Job Cost Statement work with QuickBooks Integration?

August 17, 2020


Replacement of Subilling Module

November 26, 2019


New Bid Response page, UIUX update and Plansplitting 

INTRODUCING! Improved Bid Management with our complete replacement of the Invitation Responses screen to enhance your ability to view, enter and edit bid response information, as well as edit subcontractor contact information from the bid response cards. Invitation response page can also be customized and filtered by any combination of Responses or Bid Items.

A more attractive user interface that also allows secondary menus to be rolled up to provide a larger work space. Darker header and left side navigation menus to increase contrast.


Plan Splitting with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from the Planroom can read the file Sheet Name, Sheet Number, Date and Revision from the file and use these to name the pages automatically. Upload, select regions to be read and review pages for accuracy along the way.

October 10, 2019


New Cost Plus Owner Billing Template

Paskr is happy to announce that we have released a new Owner Billing template for Cost Plus jobs! The new template is designed specifically for projects where the Owner’s costs and the profit are frequently adjusted. When change orders are pulled into bills they will add and remove funds directly from the line items, giving you and the owner a clear view of where current costs stand.

The template also allows you to designate when costs have been directly paid by the owner and will not be paid to the GC. Designating items as Owner Paid also remove the funds from the remaining balance to keep your billing numbers clear and accurate.

July 24, 2019



In order to provide you with increased flexibility, we have added the ability to Delete any Submittal from the ellipses (…) , regardless of Submittal number. Previously, only the last Submittal in the package could be deleted to preserve the numeric order records.

June 12, 2019



Cost after Markup (CAM) option for State Sales Tax added to Bidding worksheet. Users in states or jurisdictions that require sales tax to be calculated as a percentage of the Project Total after all other markup have been applied, the CAM cell on the Markups tab will calculate this and add it to the Project Total. This will appear on project Bidding and Budget reports.

Cost after markups with help on Worksheet

June 10, 2019


New Expenses Module!

We have completely replace the Expenses module with more of the features you asked for:

  • Expenses can now be added from the Web version of Paskr! Previously, all Expenses and PO’s could only be submitted via the Mobile App.
  • Users can now select and change the Expense date as desired. Previously, the date of creation was automatically assigned as the Expense date.
  • More than one Cost Code can be included from the desktop Expenses and From the Mobile app.
  • Receipt photos can be replaced from desktop version and appear on the Expense and PO reports.
  • If you request a Purchase Order number from the Mobile app to give to a vendor at time of purchase, you will now be able to complete the Purchase Order from the Purchases icon on the Project home screen. Previously, you had to enter a Daily Log to complete these details.
  • We have enhanced the ability to Edit Expenses or Purchase Orders. Now you can change values, edit how costs are allocated and even leave out costs that you do not wish to charge to a Project.
  • Expenses will soon be available to can now push to your Accounting software like regular Purchases order if you have a Paskr Integration. These Expenses will pass through the integration when a user with Accountant role Accepts them.

June 3, 2019



A Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) option has been added to RFIs. This option allows GCs to BCC subcontractors in the bidding phase without displaying the other subcontractors who have been invited to submit bids on the Project.

January 8, 2019


Daily Logs

The Present on Site section for Subcontractors on Daily Logs will now allow you to select Subcontractors who are in a position to have contracts awarded to them on the Award Subcontractors page. Previously, a subcontractor’s contract needed to be locked before they would be available to be selected as Present on Site. This update was made to provide flexibility for GCs who may have a Letter of Intent but not a fully executed contract when work on site begins.

November 3, 2018


Option to send Submittal notifications Automatically or Manually has been added to the Submittal list Gear Icon. This option can be set by Project or by Project Manager.

From Submittal List screen:

  1. Click on Gear Icon
  2. Choose Select Final Notification Method

On the second pop-up screen choose to use this method For Just this Project or For Project all Projects Assigned to this Project Manager.

October 4, 2018
New Daily Logs Module Released!
PASKR is pleased to announce our new Daily Logs which will be available on newly created projects and existing projects that did not have any logs entered before the release. New versions of Daily Logs for the Paskr On the Move (POM) App for both Android and iOS platforms have been released as well. Continue to enjoy the easy Daily Log entries you love with the additional benefits of enhanced Weather details and set Weather delay defaults , Enter Timecards for Employees directly from the Daily Log, show Equipment on site as well as add Photos and Attachments to the Reports.
Weather Details and Weather Day Defaults
Weather or Weather Predictions will auto-populate on the Daily Log, but you can edit Weather Details by clicking the Ellipses (…)

Change Weather Conditions to match Work Site or Flag as a Weather Day Manually

Set Weather Thresholds for the Project so Weather Days are Automatically Flagged

Onsite Information
You can now enter Timecards for Employees present, log and track Equipment along with entering Subcontractors and Others present On Site. EmployeesEquipment and Subcontractors present will roll to the next days log to save entry time. These can be easily deleted when no longer needed.

Photos and Attachments
We heard you! Photos that are attached to Daily Logs now appear on the Daily Log and as thumbnails on the Daily Log Report. You can also now add Attachments as a part of Daily Logs.

September 21,2018
Transmittals received updated look and Meetings have been improved based on user feedback
Transmittals can now be accessed from both the usual Tasks>Transmittals navigation and by clicking Transmittals on the top of the Submittal Screen.

Submittals can be added to a Transmittal by Checking the Submittal boxes, clicking the gear and select ‘Add Checked Submittals to Transmittal’

This opens the Transmittal form which can be completed, Saved and Sent

The Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes Reports have been streamlined to remove unnecessary information and compress the report to eliminate wasted space. Some additional reported issues have been rectified.