January 8, 2019


Daily Logs

The Present on Site section for Subcontractors on Daily Logs will now allow you to select Subcontractors who are in a position to have contracts awarded to them on the Award Subcontractors page. Previously, a subcontractor's contract needed to be locked before they would be available to be selected as Present on Site. This update was made to provide flexibility for GCs who may have a Letter of Intent but not a fully executed contract when work on site begins.

November 3, 2018



Option to send Submittal notifications Automatically or Manually has been added to the Submittal list Gear Icon. This option can be set by Project or by Project Manager.

From Submittal List screen:

  1. Click on Gear Icon

  2. Choose Select Final Notification Method

On the first pop-up screen, choose to notify Automatically or Manually

On the second pop-up screen choose to use this method For Just this Project or For Project all Projects Assigned to this Project Manager.

October 4, 2018


New Daily Logs Module Released!

PASKR is pleased to announce our new Daily Logs which will be available on newly created projects and existing projects that did not have any logs entered before the release. New versions of Daily Logs for the Paskr On the Move (POM) App for both Android and iOS platforms have been released as well. Continue to enjoy the easy Daily Log entries you love with the additional benefits of enhanced Weather details and set Weather delay defaults , Enter Timecards for Employees directly from the Daily Log, show Equipment on site as well as add Photos and Attachments to the Reports.

Weather Details and Weather Day Defaults

Weather or Weather Predictions will auto-populate on the Daily Log, but you can edit Weather Details by clicking the Ellipses (...)

Change Weather Conditions to match Work Site or Flag as a Weather Day Manually

Set Weather Thresholds for the Project so Weather Days are Automatically Flagged

Onsite Information

You can now enter Timecards for Employees present, log and track Equipment along with entering Subcontractors and Others present On Site. Employees, Equipment and Subcontractors present will roll to the next days log to save entry time. These can be easily deleted when no longer needed.

Photos and Attachments

We heard you! Photos that are attached to Daily Logs now appear on the Daily Log and as thumbnails on the Daily Log Report. You can also now add Attachments as a part of Daily Logs.

September 21,2018


Transmittals received updated look and Meetings have been improved based on user feedback

Transmittals can now be accessed from both the usual Tasks>Transmittals navigation and by clicking Transmittals on the top of the Submittal Screen.

Submittals can be added to a Transmittal by Checking the Submittal boxes, clicking the gear and select 'Add Checked Submittals to Transmittal'

This opens the Transmittal form which can be completed, Saved and Sent


The Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes Reports have been streamlined to remove unnecessary information and compress the report to eliminate wasted space. Some additional reported issues have been rectified.

Additional Enhancements to Meetings will be released in the coming weeks

August 28, 2018


New Submittals Module Released!

PASKR is pleased to announce its new Submittal module! We have quite a few enhancements that have been incorporated using your valuable feedback. A few examples of requested enhancements are the following: easier navigation, adding default Submittals and Items in Packages, adding multiple attachments, copying individuals who may not be project contacts, as well as auto-capturing email response tracking, and workflow (reviewers/approvers). Below are some simple instructions to get you started quickly!

New Submittals Module will show up on newly created projects or projects that do not have submittals started in the old module.

To Navigate go To Tasks>Submittals>Submittal Worksheet

Add Submittal packages

You can add your packages and even create a Default list of Submittal Packages. Begin by choosing package options from the left by clicking on them to move them into the project. Notice at the bottom of the screen you have a box to check to add these packages to the Default list of Submittal Items in Packages for all future project.

Add Item to Package

You can add items to your packages and even create a Default list of Items in your Submittal Packages. Click on the Ellipse Icon to the right of the Submittal Package on the Submittal List. You will see the option to Add Item Package.

Click ... >Add Item Package > Complete Submittal Worksheet > SAVE

Requesting Submittal from Sub and sending to Architect

You will be able to request the Submittal from your Subcontractor as well as Send the Submittal to Approval Contacts with ease. Submitters and Approvers will be able to complete work from the E-mails they receive, no need to log in to their Paskr Portal unless the prefer.

Sending with Save and Submit checks the workflow dates and statuses then e-mail the request to the next person who need to take action.

Click the ellipses (...) next to Assignee and choose to send requests directly to the desired contact

Submittal Responses

Submitters and Approver click a link in request e-mail and submit files or process approvals from the magic link without needing to log into their Paskr portal

View from Paskr Portal

If Submitters/Approvers login to their Paskr Portal they will have full access to Respond and view all submittal attachments from one location.

Approval Distribution

Approvals sent via e-mail provide access to all submittal documents directly from link; login not required.

Additional enhancements to the Submittal Module will be completed in the coming weeks!

July 17, 2018


Purchase Order Notarization

You can now use the Digital Notary option for Purchase Orders, just turn on the Digital Notary option in Administration and proceed to notarize Purchase Orders as you would Owner and Subcontractor Billings.


Non-Union category added to Qualifications tab under Contacts. This permits users to Filter Bid Invitation List include or exclude both Union and Non-Union companies.

June 22, 2018


Attachments to Owner Bills

Add Attachment feature added to the Owner Billing. Adding attachments will send these documents along with the Pay Application when E-mailed to the Owner.

Bid Responses Color Coded

Bid Invitations>Invitations Responses screen has been color coded for at a glance reference.

June 14, 2018



You now have an updated RFI module! You will notice that we gather all of the typical information you are used to entering into an RFI. However, we have enhanced a few features. You can now drag and drop RFI attachments into the RFI, as well as easily cc: contacts. Your RFI recipients can still respond just as easily as before. And you will still be able to send RFI’s right from the palm of your hand using our PASKR mobile app.

To Navigate: Tasks > RFI’s > Create New > Add RFI


Another one of the changes you will notice is that you can now create multiple types of Meeting groups (Pre-Construction, Job Site, Safety, and Owner’s Meetings). We have 4 preset meeting types already included, but if you click on the Gear Icon, you can add your own company’s additional meeting types.

Begin by choosing an option from the menu on the first screen, enter in meeting details, and post them for all project contacts. We also improved functionality for uploading multiple attachments for meetings, and posting them to project contacts.

To Navigate: Tasks > Project Minutes > Create Project Minutes

Help Menu

We also have a new HELP Menu with written and click through instructions to navigate through PASKR with ease. You will notice a new clean crisp look with clear click-through sequence instructions. These will be located at the top of each topic to direct you where to go to complete your task.

Check it out at: help.paskr.com


General performance improvements.

May 24, 2018


Subcontractor, Architect, Engineer, & Owner Refresh

Easier to Use Navigation

We completely re-tooled how subs, engineers, architects, or owners will navigate through PASKR. After log-in users will notice a new way to move about PASKR. Users will no longer need to select a project and then a task. Rather, pick the task they ‘came here to-do’ followed by ‘for which project’.

A More App Like Experience

In conjunction with a new navigation users will now also have a more mobile app like experience. Every page is now 100% responsive. This means we created an optimal viewing experience with navigation, reading, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices. From mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors.

Updated look & feel

In each module / task we completely renovated the look and feel. It should feel familiar but more modern and clean. You can expect the same features and functionality now with greater form. We’ve also provided greater context clues to address any confusion from users. Speaking of help… we’re are also rolling out a beta-preview of a brand new help system which you can preview here.

May 5, 2018



Add contractor's business license and contractor's license as attachments to the contact profile. How to: Contacts > Search Contacts > Select Company > Click Licenses

Company Documents

Add your yearly renewable certificates such as a W-9, Master Form Contract, Pre-Qualification Forms, Minority Certificates, and Contractors License Card under the contact's profile called Company Documents. How to: Contacts > Search Contacts > Select Company > Click Company Documents

Insurance Certificates

Add additional insurance certificates such as Commercial Automobile Insurance under the contact's qualifications. How to: Contacts > Search Contacts > Select Company > Click Qualifications