Required Documents

Add Required Documents for individual projects for project contacts to print, complete, and upload back into PASKR.

Filing Cabinet > Required Documents

Add Job Document

  1. Use this to Add new a Document that will be requested for this project only

  2. Give Document a Title

  3. Browse Hard drive to upload a sample of the Required Document or a blank copy of the Document to be completed and returned

  4. Enter a Description of the document or provide instructions for completing

  5. Add Required Document

Any Default Required Documents that were added under Administration will show up on all Projects. If you require your subcontractors to submit a Material Vendor List, these will appear here as the subcontractors submit them via their portal.

Send Requests for Required Documents

  1. Click Send next to the Document

  2. Select the check boxes next to subcontractors you wish to collect documents from, or select Check All on black toolbar

  3. Update message if desired

  4. Send Email

To View Submitted Files

  1. Click the blue numbers on right side of Documents

  2. Click View or Delete

Subcontractors can submit multiple copies of the same Required Document if needed. For example, if an insurance certificate expires during the course of a project, they can upload the new certificate so both copies are kept with Project Records