Notify the Sub/Vendor

When the Submittal come back from the approval contacts you will need to notify the Submitter of the Approval status.

Approved Submittals

Submittals that have been returned as Approved, Approved as Noted, Reviewed or Reviewed as Noted can be transmitted to the Subcontractor or Vendor so that they may proceed with ordering, fabrication, etc. Use the same notification method as used in 'Send Submittal Requests'.

  1. Click Tasks > Submittals > Submittal Worksheet

  2. Change the Cost Code Toggle Submittal Package

  3. Click the Blue Hyperlink Submittal number

  4. Hover over Notify Participants

  5. Click Send Notice to Sub/Vendor

  6. Type Message

  7. Send Notice

Click Blue Submittal Hyperlink
Notify Participants

Rejected Submittals

For Submittals that are either Rejected or set to Revise and Resubmit, the system will automatically create a new Submittal package using the same numbers but will add a letter to the newly created submittal item. You can then easily send out the Submittal request again with the newly created package. Follow the steps in 'Send Submittal Requests' section.