Send Submittal Requests

Request Submittals from Subcontractor/Vendor

To Send Single Submittal Request

  1. Click Tasks > Submittals > Submittal Worksheet

  2. Change the Cost Code Toggle Submittal Package

  3. Click the Blue Hyperlink Submittal number

  4. Hover over Notify Participants

  5. Click Send Notice to Sub/Vendor

  6. Type Message

  7. Send Notice

Click Blue Submittal Hyperlink
Notify Participants
Prepare E-mail Notification

If you wish to include a Transmittal with the request, check the Include Corresponding Transmittal letter box. The Transmittal letter will open when you click send for editing.

To Send Submittal Schedule for Multiple Submittals

  1. Go to Tasks > Submittals > Submittal Worksheet > Print/Send > Send Submittal Reminders

  2. To view or print a particular schedule, select the text in blue following the Subcontractor you wish to remind. Only submittal items with the sub due date entered will appear here.

  3. Return to previous screen by using the X at the top right

  4. Click in the box/es of the subs you wish to remind > Send Reminder – Subs can now upload submittals directly into Paskr. The default message in the email will give uploading instructions to subcontractors.