Upload Submittal Documents

If Submittal Documents are received outside of Paskr the GC can upload some or all of these documents.

Upload Submittal received from Sub/Vendor

  1. Go to Tasks > Submittals > Submittal Worksheet

  2. Select Cost code from Toggle

  3. Click the blue Hyperlink item code on the left of the screen.

  4. Click Choose File > Select > Save to upload the Subcontractor/Vendor submittal document.

  5. Repeat the Process (Choose File > Select > Save) to upload your GC reviewed submittal document

  6. Repeat again (Choose File > Select > Save) to upload a copy of the Architect/Approver's file.

To send out and collect the Approval via the system Follow the steps in the previous section 'Send Request to Approver'

Note* It is important to attach the files in order; first Original submittal file, then GC stamped/reviewed file, then Architects/First Approver file, because the the system will present the most recent file for first and second Approver's review. This will ensure they see the previous reviewers comments are included.