PASKR Navigation Menus


EMAIL ICON – Moved from Header to Side Navigation it still works the same

  • Clicking from Global Dashboard will still take you to New emails from All Projects.
  • Clicking from Project Dashboard will take you to New emails for that Project only.
  • Clicking from any other page will take you to the Correspondence folders where emails are sorted by content Send email is located

PROJECT ICON – Clicking the Project Icon will now display View All Projects followed by the list of the 5 most recently used projects.

PROFILE ICON – The settings icon is now the Profile icon. Moving Superintendent web access into the same portal as the rest of the GC users is the primary reason for What appears on this Icon depends upon User Role:

  • The Userguide and Videos moved under Profile for all users
  • Superintendents will see Enter Timecards, Change Password, Logout
  • PMs and Accountants will see Company Settings, Logout
  • Users who have been granted Administrative access will still see this under Profile dropdown