Creating a New Project

  1. SET UP THE JOB (Wizard) – From the Global Dashboard, Project Status > Create New Project

    1. Enter project information. * indicates required information.

      1. Project Name

      2. Number of Owners - Select 2 owners only if you will have a split bid such as Owner/Tenant. This setting will result in 2 owner contracts, 2 sets of owner change orders and 2 sets of owner pay applications.

      3. Owner A - Begin typing the project owner’s first name, last name or company name. Select from query results if they appear. If you do not see your contact listed, click ‘Add Contact’ in the upper right of the popup. After creating a profile for your project owner, click the Paskr logo to return to the task of creating your project.

      4. Will you be a Construction Manager as Advisor? Select yes if you will not be at risk on this project (i.e.: Your company name will not appear on subcontracts, sub change orders and sub bills). If you select yes, you will be prompted to enter the responsible designee. This company will replace your company in subcontractor related documents.

      5. Estimator - The selected estimator will receive all email correspondence on this project during bidding. However, any employee in your company with estimating rights will be able to work on any project in Bidding.

      6. Construction Type – These are default construction types for your company. Each construction type has a set of cost codes and a default schedule template. You may update your template or add new ones in Administration. You may also add and remove cost items from the template to customize each project. (See the section Preparation for Inviting Bidders

      7. Cost Code Set – Select 16 or 48 Division cost codes for your project. Once you leave this screen this selection is locked for this project. If you need to change this, you will need to begin a new project.

      8. Bid Due DateThis is the date that your proposal is due to the project Owner.

      9. Change GC Company Name - This will only appear if you have multiple entities for your company. Select the company you are doing business as for this project. Contact if you are interested in adding an entity to your Paskr site.

      10. Enter the address or location of the project.

NOTE: This completes the requirements for setting up a job. You will now be directed to the Project Information Screen where you can edit information or add project contacts. You can return to this screen at any time by hovering Project Information and selecting Manage Project Information.

Video Tutorial: