Enter an Awarded Project

Bypass Bidding & Input an Awarded Project

  1. Set your project up referring to the bidding section of this help manual.

    1. Addenda

    2. Drawings

    3. Photos

    4. Specifications

  2. Zero out Sales Tax, Labor Burden, General Liability and Overhead by going to Tasks > Estimate Base Bid, click on Actions > Set Mark Ups.

  3. When setting up your estimate, you can add/remove any cost codes from your Estimate Base Bid by clicking on Actions > Add/Remove Cost Items.

  4. Enter line item dollar amounts as lump sums that include alternates and all markups except Profit.

  5. When creating your bid notes on the Estimate Base Bid, include the scope of work for the base bid as well as any alternates for that cost code. Bid notes will populate in the Scope of Work on subcontracts.

  6. Check to be sure the division totals are the same as your budget.

  7. If there is a difference in the between your subtotal in PASKR and the contract value with the owner,

    click on Actions > Set Mark Ups add the difference as a dollar amount to profit.

  8. Set the project to Pending.

  9. As soon as your project total is accurate (see NOTE below), move your job to Will Start Soon and then to In Progress where you can proceed with all project management tasks.

NOTE: Your PASKR project total MUST be exact to the penny before you move your project to Will Start Soon. Once you promote your project to Will Start Soon your project total can only be changed via an owner change order. Moving a project backward from Will Start Soon to Bidding is not possible once the owner contract value is set.