Project Information

Once a project is created, general project information can be found by hovering over Project information and selecting Manage Project Information.

Project Name or Location

Click on the project name to edit it or the project location.

Project Photo

After clicking to add photo, you will be directed to Filing Cabinet > Photos where you can select an album, select a photo and set it to project photo.

Edit or Add Project Contacts

  1. Official contacts referenced in official documents and used in automatically triggered correspondences and tasks.

    1. Required - Estimator & Owner

    2. Optional - Project Manager, Accountant, Owner Representative, & Architect. You may add or change these by clicking the blue link 'GC Contacts', 'Owner/Client Contacts' or 'Architect/Engineer Contacts'.

  2. Subcontractors and Vendors are automatically added to the project information page when a subcontract or purchase order is signed.

  3. Additional contacts available for project correspondence - Accountants, GC Contact, GC Foremen, Superintendents, additional Architects, and Engineers can be added by clicking the + in the blue box to the right of the appropriate category.

Misc. Project Information

  1. Architect #

  2. Owner Job #

  3. Probability of Contract

  4. Owner Bid Due Date

  5. Estimated Start Date

  6. Payment Due


Video Feed

If you have a live video feed on your project work site, you can paste the link to the video feed here to provide access while using PASKR.

If you need to send bid invitations outside of PASKR, you can paste this link in your invitations. Clicking the link will direct bidders to your PASKR PlanRoom. This is handy to build your PASKR contact database as the bidder will be required to enter their profile information if they are not currently in your contact database.