Submitting Daily Logs

Superintendents go to Filing Cabinet> Daily Logs> Click Add Log

Edit Daily Log


  • Select Date

  • Select Site Conditions

  • Enter Rainfall Amount

  • Weather conditions will populate. If you wish to edit click the ellipses and select Edit Weather Details

Edit Weather Details will allow you to change the default weather to match the conditions on site if weather pulled using your project zipcode does not match those experienced on site.

  • Changing the Conditions toggle (will also change the image for the weather time-period image)

  • To Flag as a Weather Day, check the box in weather details

Weather Thresholds can be set for the project so weather days are flagged automatically if conditions exceed the limits set on the Daily Logs Gear Symbol. The check box above in Weather Details permits you to set weather days manually or add additional ones that fall outside the defaults you have set on the Weather Thresholds.

Present on Site

The Present on Site section of the Daily Logs allows you to identify people and equipment on the work site. Click on the Ellipse symbols (...) next to these section to add entries:

  • Employees Present - Add Employees, Hours and select Labor Cost Codes. These entries are linked to the Paskr Timecard feature. Cost Codes that are a part of the Project are available to select.

  • Equipment Present - Enter Equipment on site and track Return Dates.

  • Contractors Present - Subcontractors that have a locked Subcontracts will show up here to be selected when you click on the Add Contractor

  • Others Present - Add other Companies and Contacts (including Inspectors, Owners, Architects)


Type text into the Tasks Working On and Comments/Events Changes. This text will roll to the next days Daily Log to save time; just update the text to reflect changes.


Add Attachments and Photos to a Daily Log by Drag and Drop or Click to Browse Method.

Photo files will show as Thumbnails on the Daily Log Report and are stored in the Photo folder in Filing Cabinet by Date.

Complete Daily Log

Check Request for PM Approval box if the log is complete and click Save. This will notify the PM by E-mail that Daily Log is ready for Review and Approval.

If Log is not yet complete, click Save and return to Edit at a later time.