Upcoming Sessions

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Upcoming Live Webinars in 2022:

June 17, 2022Product Update: Submittals – Learn about updates paskr is making to the Submittals process to make it easier to use for both the General Contractor, Subcontractors submitting documents, and Architect/Engineers approving Submittals.

July 1, 2022 Job Cost Statement & WIP (Work in Progress Report) – The Job Cost Statement is a higher-level interactive report that is designed to provide a better Over/Under view of Cost to Revenue on a project. We will look at the features and benefits of this report and how it helps Accounting teams track project revenue against project expense.

July 15, 2022Change Orders – We will look at how to create Pending Change Orders and how they feed Change Orders. Then we will look at how they are used by General Contractors for contract changes and internal budget adjustments. We will also look at Subcontractor Change Orders and how to Terminate Subs.

July 29, 2022Creating a Revision & Accepting Alternates, Units, Phases along with creating an Owner Contract – This session covers how to create revisions and accept Alternates, Uses, and Phases. We will also review the process of signing and creating Owner Contracts.

August 12, 2022Scheduling – This session covers Scheduling and Daily Logs and is geared toward Project Managers. Join us to learn about the different schedule templates and how to build a project schedule. Finally, we will learn about daily log integration.

August 26, 2022Setting the Construction Budget & Subcontracts This session covers how to set the construction budget and buy-out, award and issue subcontracts, issue purchase orders, and add and approve expenses. This course is geared towards Project Managers.

September 9, 2022Submittals, Meetings, RFI’s – This session covers Submittals, Meetings, and RFI’s and is geared toward Project Managers. We will learn how to create and update Submittals. Then we will learn how to prepare and finalize meeting agendas. We will end the session with learning how to create and close RFI’s.

September 23, 2022Bidding Part 1 (Through sending Bid Invitations & Bid Responses page) – This session covers the beginning of the project management process. This course is geared towards Estimators and covers how to create a new project, prepare the Bidding Worksheet, and send out bid invitations.

October 7, 2022Bidding Part 2 (Through setting to Pending) – This session covers Part 2 of the Bidding process. We will look at finalizing estimates for the Bidding Worksheet and creating a proposal package to submit to the project Owner.

October 21, 2022Purchase Orders & Expenses – In this session we will learn how to issue purchase orders and add and approve expenses. This course is geared towards Project Managers.

November 4, 2022Owner Billing – This session covers Owner Billing and is geared toward Project Managers and Accountants. We will look at the two Owner Billing application options: the Generic Owner Bill and Cost Plus Owner Bill. We will review the Schedule of Values options and how they can be broken down by Division, by Cost Code, and our two Custom options. Finally, we will learn how to approve the billing via the accountant.

November 18, 2022Accountant Training – In this session we will cover permissions and sections for accountants, including project life cycle, expenses, owner bills, time cards, and reports, including the Job Cost Statement.

December 2, 2022Superintendent Mobile App Training – Superintendents will learn how to use the paskr on the Move mobile app from their smart devices. Included will highlight, Daily Logs, Time Cards, entering Expenses, and much more…