What are some helpful hints on Submittals?

Having trouble sending a request?

If you do not see the option to send a submittal request on the ellipses or at the bottom of the screen try saving the submittal. The system will need to register the information about the contact before it will be able to send the request.

What is the difference between using Save and Send and sending via the Ellipses?

The Save and Send button at the bottom of the submittal screen is designed to send the appropriate request to the next party in the workflow. It will use the dates and statuses in the Assignment section to determine what action is required next.

For example, if you have just create the submittal, Save and Send will send the very first request to the Submitter. If you have just reviewed a submittal document, clicking Save and Send will send the Approval request to the first Approver, etc.

You can use the ellipses to send a request to a party at any time, including sending as a reminder to a party that has not responded to a previous request.

When do I change the Submitter’s status?

The default status for all responsible parties in the Assignments section is Pending. The Submitter’s status should be left as Pending until the last Approver has returned their status. This last Approval will automatically change the Submitter’s status. The last Approval in the workflow determines the overall Final Status of the Submittal item originally provided by the Submitter.

If you are entering all Submittal information collected outside of Paskr as the GC, changing these final Review Statuses and saving will Send out the Final Approval Notification

Can I just forward the submittal without adding a GC File?

Yes. The Approver will see the Submitter file(s) when they click on the e-mail link.