What are the changes for new Sub Billing portal?

We have upgraded the PASKR Subcontractor Billing module for a number of reasons. By far, the most important reason was to improve the accuracy of your billing documents but we also included other improvements based on years of feedback from our users some of which are listed below.

As with anything new, it may take a little time to get used to the new view, and initially you will still only be connecting to the old bills through the new portal. Projects created in the old language will need to be completed there, so you will not experience some of the most important and beneficial changes right away. But as you move into new projects that utilize the full features we think you will see a vast improvement in workflow and accuracy.

  1. We used the code base of Owner Billing to reprogram Sub Billing to eliminate pesky rounding issues and updated to better handle various billing scenarios that occasionally required you to contact Client Experience for programming to adjust.
  2. We completely replaced the Subcontractor Portal side of billing to make it much easier to use, including permitting attachments before and after bills are submitted. This helps to better accommodate states that require more than one lien per bill and lay the ground work to further improve upon this in the future.
  3. To reduce confusion all PMs, Accountants/Notaries can now work from just one Sub Billing page regardless of whether you use Hand-Signed or Digitally-signed Lien Releases.
  4. For projects using New Billing, the Approval of SOVs and Bills can now be done from inside a project using the Billing tab. PMs no longer need to leave the project to go to Accounting to complete their Approvals.
  5. Over the years, one of the biggest requests was to make it possible for GC to enter Sub Bills for subcontractors that won’t participate. This is now possible on new projects!
  6. Also based on feedback from users, we made it possible for a user to hold a Dual PM/Accounting role so users who need to perform both functions will no longer require two logins!

Here are some other quick summaries Quick Summary of Changes for new Subilling

  • While we have a new Accounting user interface, clicking on existing Subills will open the old PM Approval screens.
  • New subilling will only be activated on NEW projects or projects where no previous Subills exist.
  • Subcontractors will not see any change until they go to the Billing area on a Project that will be using the new New Subilling module.
  • For Project using the new Sub Billing we added a Quick Launch Approve/Accept button for new Sub Bills. This will launch the approval window and go through all the PM’s or Accountant’s new Subilling projects for approval without having to return to the List Screen and open each bill.
  • The Pay App Drawer will be removed from new projects and replaced by Billing>Subilling tab inside the Project. This gives access to all the Project’s SOV and Billing documents like the old pay app drawer with the added benefit of being able to Approve these items right from there.