What are the changes for new Subilling portal?

Quick Summary of Changes for new Subilling

  • While we have a new Accounting user interface, clicking on existing Subills will open the old PM Approval screens.
  • New subilling will only be activated on NEW projects or projects where no previous Subills exist.
  • Subcontractors will not see any change until they go to the Billing area on a Project that will be using the new New Subilling module.
  • Accountants will now work on Subills in the same location as PMs (no longer need to go into Notarize tab for Subills).
  • New Dual Accountant/PM combination role in Contacts. Someone with this role can Approve and Accept/Notarize new Subills at the same time (similar to Expenses Module).
  • Approve/Accept button for new Subills will launch approval window and go through all the PM’s or Accountant’s new Subilling projects for approval without having to click into each one.
  • Pay App Drawer will be removed from new projects and replaced by Billing>Subilling inside the Project. Approval of SOVs and Subills can be done from here (as well as from Accounting).
  • GC will be able to add Subills to New Projects on behalf of subs that will not participate.