What are the different project statuses, and what can I do in each status?


These are jobs you are actively bidding. In this phase, you populate your plan room, invite bidders, and put together your estimate and proposal package. After bid day, you should promote to Pending. This will keep your bidding box from getting cluttered.


Your project stays here until a determination is made. From here you can create a revision (this saves the original project in pending and creates a revision in bidding), set to Not Awarded, or set to Bidding (this returns this job to the bidding phase where you can make adjustments to the estimate and proposal package). If the project is awarded to you, accept the alternates as prescribed and create your owner contract in Pending before you promote to Will Start Soon. The PASKR contract value must equal your owner contract value exactly before you promote to Will Start Soon. Once in Will Start Soon, you will not be able to change the contract value or move the status of the project backward.

Will Start Soon:

When you set a job to Will Start Soon, a job setup report will be sent to your accountant with basic project information (contract amount, owner contact information, etc). From this point on, you can only move a project forward. In this phase of the project, you will be creating your accounting budget (see Budgeting in the Will Start Soon section of this manual). You can also perform the initial buy out of the project. Subcontracts and Purchase Orders are available in this phase. Once your accounting budget is accurate, promote to In Progress.

In Progress:

When you set a job to In Progress, the budget is sent to your Accountant for posting in the accounting software. In this phase you have full access to all project management functions. Any change to the budget from this point on will be reflected as a change order.

Service Work:

Service work doesn’t work any different than regular projects, other than it is a different place to put projects that may be “warranty issues”, “maintenance issues”, etc. or other small projects that you would like to house in a different area than all your other large projects. The jobs are set up, moved through the statuses, and billed exactly the same as regular projects.

Not Awarded:

If projects are Bid, and not awarded to your company, you can set them to the Not Awarded Status. These projects will be listed in this Status for two years after they are placed here.

NOTE: Not Awarded Projects can be moved back to the Bidding Status, should the project come back around to you.


Projects that have been completed in construction and in accounting.

NOTE: Closed projects will remain in this status for 2 years after being set in the Closed Status.

To filter by project Status, click on Projects, then use the Status Filter.

Project Status Filter