What do I do when I have multiple Owner change orders that are not approved?

NOTE: You must take an action on all previous change orders before you approve the last one in the list. Following is a list of possible actions and their outcomes. This methodology is to preserve the correct contract amount and add change orders in a numerically sequential fashion.

Take one of the following actions on all previous unapproved change orders.

  • ‘Approve’ – This action adds the change order amount to the contract as if the owner signed it electronically. Note: Owner can still log in and digitally sign.
  • ‘Not accept’ – This puts the change order on hold if it is rejected but reserves it in its original form to be recreated and/or edited in the future. If you choose to recreate, Paskr creates an exact duplicate and moves it to the bottom of the list.
  • ‘Delete’ – This action will delete the change order.