What does the General Contractor do with the Submittal once it has been received by the Submitter?

The GC reviewer will open the Submittal by clicking on the Ellipses and selecting Edit

Click on the Paper Clip Icon on the GC Reviewer Line and select Add Attachment

Change the Reviewer Approval status as desired.

Once complete, the submittal can be sent on to the Approver by one of these methods:

  1. Click ellipses on Approver line and Send Approval Request
  2. By clicking Save and Submit at the bottom of the submittal form (the system will know who is next to be notified in the chain by which documents are attached, the review status and returned dates).

TIP: Adding a submittal attachment as a GC Reviewer is not required. The Approver will see the Submitter file(s) when they click on the Approver e-mail link.