What happens to the Submittal once it is set to final Approved?

When the Final Approval contact has sent back the Submittal with any of these four statuses, the e-mail notification of the Final Approval status will be sent to all parties either Automatically or Manually, (depending on your setting under the Gear Icon on the Submittal List):

  • Approved
  • Approved as Noted
  • Reviewed
  • Reviewed as Noted

Approval Notifications will default to Automatic notification setting. If you wish to review the Submittals before sending out the final notifications Manually

  1. Click on the Gear Icon
Submittal Landing page with Gear

2. Click Select Final Notification Method

Submittal Gear Menu

3. Change to the Manual option, click Save.

4. Select if you wish to change just for this project or all projects assigned to you as Project Manager, Save.


The Approve Notification e-mail has the submittal summary document attached and will include a link that provides access to all submittal documents, including the stamped Approval file(s).

Users can click on File names to open documents, or check the boxes next to desired files, then click Download Selected Files. Items will download in a zip file format.

Logged in to Portal

If a Submitter, Architect, Owner or Engineer contact log in to their Paskr Portal they will

  1. Click on the Submittals Icon
  2. Select Project Name
  3. Click on the Ellipses next to the Submittal file
  4. Select View Attachments

View Attachments will also open the Submittals Document files page