What information can I put into the Submittal details?

Submittal Details

  1. Title Enter the name of the Submittal
  2. Type Select the Type of Submittal from list of options: Document, Pay Request, Payroll, Plans, Prints, Product Info, Product Manual, Sample, Drawing, Specification, Other
  3. Specification start typing and select specifications that are uploaded in the Planroom or free-type the name in this cell (optional)
  4. Cost Code start typing and select a cost code from the list to affiliate with the submittal (optional)
  5. Description include a detailed description of the submittal if desired (optional)
  6. Scheduling use these cells to assist with due date calculations. Enter the Due on Site date (the date Materials need to be onsite) and Order lead Time (the number of Days required to order an item after it has been approved). If these cells do not apply to the item these can be left blank and only enter a Final Approval date.
  7. Lead Review Time Enter how many days you would like built into the Submittal Schedule for your Review and for the other Approval Contacts

TIP: Submittal Due dates can be calculated off the Final Approval date alone. You do not need to use Due on Site or Order Lead Time unless applicable.


The Assignments Section of the Submittal Form will automatically populate Due Dates for all parties based on the Final Due Date selected, but these can be set manually, if desired.

Information on the Responsible Parties will also pull from other sections of the Program:

  • If a Subcontractor or Vendor is already affiliated with a cost code in Paskr, they will automatically appear in the Submitter line.
  • The GC Contact entering the Submittals will be listed as the GC Reviewer. (The official Project Manager will be copied on submittal notifications.)
  • The Architect will pull from the Project Information details to populate the Approver line.

TIP: If you begin Submittals in Bidding, you may not have any Assignments auto-populating. Click on the Ellipse icon next to Assignments > Add Assignments to add your Submitter, Reviewer, and Approver.

Change Responsible Parties and their Roles by clearing the cell and typing name or selecting from the toggle

Add additional Reviewer or Approval contacts by clicking the ellipse on the Assignments Line. Click Add New Assignee

TIP: If an Assignee was added after due dates were calculated, you will want to update your due dates manually or you can recalculate after changes, by updating the Final Approval Date cell.


**Please Note: We have recently updated who is notified when Submittal documents are returned by Submitters/Approvers. Previously, only the official Project PM was notified. As requested, we have updated so that all on the Distribution list will be notified via e-mail of the returned submittal documents. This is important for GCs who have employees other than the official PM processing Submittals. If you do not wish some contacts (such as Architects, Owners or Engineers) to be notified by e-mail when the Submitter returns the submittal document to the GC, they should not be added to the Distribution list until after the submittal has been reviewed by GC.

Add contacts to be copied on Submittal communications using any of these methods:

  1. Select name from the suggested list. This will show parties that are already affiliated with the project.
  2. Type a name into the search box to locate a party in your contact database. Select name to add.
  3. Click on Use Previous Distribution List. This option will add the contacts that you selected on previous Submittals. This feature is handy if you have a list of people that will need to be copied on all Submittals.
  4. Click Save. You will not be able to Send the notification until the data has been saved to the cloud.