What is shown in the Owner Budget vs. Actual Cost Report?

Reports > Accounting > Budgets > Owner Budget vs. Actual Cost Report

This report is the perfect tool for the General Contractor and his/her senior operations team. It includes the GC’s Revenue, “Actual” Construction Cost, and true Profit(Loss) by cost code line item. The GC can view the true project profit margins by line on the project.

This report can be utilized to measure company performance (estimating, bidding, manager, overhead) and serve as an aid for building future bids.

  • Revenue (Owner Project Cost) – These columns represent the Project Owner Cost which is the project amount awarded to the General Contractor (GC), in-essence the General Contractor Revenue. These columns include the GC’s cost of labor, materials, subcontracts, overhead, mark-up, and profit by cost code line item.
  • Construction Cost (Actual) – These columns represent the General Contractor’s actual cost for the project. The actual costs are captured as the project occurs. These columns include the GC’s actual cost of labor (plus assigned labor burden overhead), actual material invoices, and actual subcontractor invoices by cost code line item.

· Proift/(Loss) – These columns reflect the complete profit for the job. Revenue less Construction Cost (“Actual”). The profit originally incorporated in the Revenue (Owner Project Cost) during bidding and the favorable/(unfavorable) labor, materials, and subcontracts that happened during the job fall out in these columns. A negative represents a loss for the line, which indicates Construction Cost (“Actual”) are higher than Revenue.