What is shown on the Global Dashboard?

The Global Dashboard provides a high-level overview of all of your projects on one screen.  Here are some of the major differences you will see navigating from the new dashboard.

1.  Recent Projects –  Jump into your recently accessed projects or click View All Projects to locate others

2. Overdue and To Do – Quickly check your Overdue or To Do Actions items which link directly to the tasks so they can be resolved quickly. Administrators will see the Overdue and To Do action items for all Employees.


Click on Employee name to see overdue items, due dates and days overdue. Click action item on hyperlink to go directly to task for completion. Click on trash can to remove items.


Click Employee Name, expand task categories and click on hyperlinks to be take directly to action items. Use trash can to delete.

3.  Graphic depiction of projects you have in each of your Construction Type Templates, including the total project volume in each category.

Click to exclude a type of construction from the Graph

4. Weather Card – Set to  your company zip code, click to expand weather to weekly view or enter another location.

5. Profit – Click on Profit Card to see Budget drill downs by project. Administrators will see Profit by Employee.

Click on Employee name to profit drill down by Projects. Compare profit values from Bidding with Budgeted Profit from Will Start Soon and Current Projected Profit.

6. Pipeline – Project Pipeline shows displays the value of total projects you currently have in Bidding phase, waiting in Pending status with the total with value of awarded projects (Project in Will Start Soon and In Progress)

7. Bid to Contract Ratio

Estimators will see their Success rates while Administrators will see  by Employee.

Click on Estimators name to see project won or lost.