What is the Auto-Archive Feature?

The PASKR Auto-Archive Feature will move Project in Bidding to the Not Awarded Category an the 15th day after the Owner Bid Due Date has passed.

  • The Estimator will receive an email of projects that have been moved to Not awarded
  • The project can be moved back to Bidding at any time (from Project List Screen)
  • Project will only be Auto-Archived once. If you return it to Bidding, it will not be moved again by the system.

Why Move My Projects?

This is done not only to assist you in keeping your Project area up to date, but also to maintain the correct values in your Project Pipeline and Bid to Contract Rate cards on the Global Dashboard. This helps to maintain an accurate picture of Company metrics on anticipated work and success rates.

Can I change?

YES! You can turn off Auto-Archive or change the number of Default Days before Projects are moved from Bidding to Not Awarded by going to Administration>Auto-Archive Settings:

  • Use check box to turn Auto-Archive On/Off
  • Change number of days after Owner Bid Due Date for Auto-Archive to occur.
  • Click Save Settings