What is the QB Integration Reconciliation Report?

The Integration Reconciliation Report is an excel report that can be used to match the transactions that are sent from PASKR to QuickBooks through our Accounting Integrations. The report is only available for users who have a PASKR Integration with QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) and QuickBooks Online (QBO) active.


  • Go to Accounting and click on your QB Accounting integration tab on the left Navigation Widow
  • Click Settings> Integration Reconciliation
  • Enter the the Date Range you would like use for the Report
  • Click Generate

You can wait for the report to Generate and open into Excel or you can continue working elsewhere and Pending Report will be available to download from Completed Reports list when compiled.


The Reconciliation Report will include transactions that have been sent to QB on the following Cost and Revenue items during the selected date period:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Expenses and Field Expenses
  • Sub Bills
  • Timecards
  • Owner Billing (Lump Sum Total)

The Reconciliation Report will NOT include the following transactions because these Budget and Award transaction values are tied to one of the above transactions.

  • Original Budget Values (Revenue tracked by Owner Bills)
  • Owner Change Orders (Revenue tracked by Owner Bills)
  • Subcontractor Award Amounts (Costs tracked by Sub Bills)
  • Subcontractor Change Orders (Expenses will be tracked by Sub Bills)


The Report will show the Projects Names ordered by Project number across the top of the report

The Transactions that have been sent to QB are on the left, including the Cost Codes, Vendors/Subcontractors and Transaction dates.


  • The Cost Codes are organized to appear by EXPENSE TYPE on the report
  • EXPENSE TYPES are the letters used in PASKR to designate the type of cost item and what types of transactions they can be used with
  • The order of EXPENSE TYPES appear on the report:
    • Material (.M)
    • Subcontractor (.S)
    • Equipment (.EQ)
    • Other (.O)
    • Overhead (.OH)
    • Labor (.L )
    • General Costs (if used for a Purchase)
    • Permit Cost (if used for a Purchase)
    • Owner Billing (Lump Sum at the Bottom of the Report)


Purchase Orders, Field Purchase Orders and Expenses can be made with the following EXPENSE TYPES

  • Material (.M)
  • Equipment (.EQ)
  • Other (.O)
  • Overhead (.OH)

Subcontracts and their associated Subcontractor Bills can only use

  • Subcontractor (.S)

Timecards used to track Labor Cost can only use with

  • Labor (.L)

NOTE ON LABOR: Labor items will send the total number of hours that have been applied to each Labor code during the selected period for both QBD and QBO. QuickBooks Online will also include the monetary value calculated for each Labor cost (Number of Hours x Employee Rate in Administration).

QuickBooks Desktop will ONLY receive Labor Hours from PASKR because Intuit does not provide a method to send the monetary value via the integration.


The bottom of each EXPENSE TYPE section will include a total for that section (by Project).

The bottom of the report will also display a Grand Total of all cost items that are included on the report.